31 May - 2 June 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre


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Alchemilla Design Solutions-IT

Italy Looking for a distributor

Company Profile

The Alchemilla Luxury Hygiene Solutions is created to respond to the growing demand for hygiene in the hospitality, hotel, office, retail, healthcare and residential sectors to provide maximum safety in shared environments. A complete line of design solutions for wall dispenser holders of sanitizing gel and liquid soap at the service of the redesign of residential and business environments to meet the new life needs that emerged in 2020, which represent the future multifunctional character.

  • Others
  • Gold Elbow Dispensers

  • Stainless Stell Dispenser: HUG

  • Black satin FOD

  • Stainless steel Dispenser: HUG

  • Alchemilla Gold Edition

  • Gold edition: FOD

  • Rose

  • Luxury Hygiene Solutions

  • Gold Fod

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